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Moldova and its software companies have the following competitive advantages that are worth to consider: 

Favorable geographical location

Time and cultural proximity: Moldova is situated within 3 hours distance from all main European hubs. Time compatibility: The standard time zone is UTC/GTM +2 hours which offers great compatibility with all European countries and most of the CIS Countries. Live working groups and ad-hoc on site interventions are quick as there are direct flights – to and from Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Rome, Milano, Paris, London, Moscow, etc., most of them reachable within 2 hours from Moldova.

Qualified and reasonably priced staff

Moldovan IT professionals have been growing progressively more skilled as both training and opportunities grow within the country.

In Moldova there is a strong industrial tradition, technical education and developed scientific research.

Most of the population speaks two, and often three European languages, ensuring the ability to provide services abroad.

The high qualification of specialists in the industry leads to the fact that most of our software companies can engineer complex solutions rather than just provide coding services.

The cost of our services is very competitive and it is one of the lowest in the Eastern Europe.

Excellent communication facilities

The country’s internet speeds are among the fastest in Europe and enables easy communications with the rest of the world. The advantage is great not only for accessing remote applications and databases, but also for IP telephony.

Moldova has one of the best-wired internet connections in the world, as well as one of the cheapest in terms of price per Mbit, thus Moldova is in the World top 20 by download speed and one of the best performing in the region.

High country’s potential

Despite the small size of the country, Moldovan companies have in their portfolio successful collaboration and sound projects accomplished for some world scale corporations.

An IDC study has shown that Moldova has one of the most dynamically developing ICT sector in the region:

Moldova Moving into the Premier League of IT Nearshoring

Most relevant IT networking forum in Moldova is ICT Summit Moldova. Last event details (May 2016) can be found below:

Moldova ICT Summit 2016.


Favorable legislation

The Moldovan legislation makes the country an ideal place for investors willing to establish a software developing company. This particularly refers to the taxation regime of the employees in the informational technology sector: their taxable income is limited to only two monthly average salaries in the economy, which in practice means that only around 40% of the staff salaries is subject to income tax. Moreover, the country’s corporate income tax is only 12% (one the lowest in the region).

The tables below, taken from the World Bank’s reports, show that Moldova is ranked competitively, compared to the other countries in the region, in terms of doing business and enforcing contracts.

Please, check the Moldovan software development companies’ list below to find a suitable partner .If you are interested in getting in contact with a Moldovan software company you can either contact it directly or contact our organization if you want our guidance on the best suitable partner depending on your particular needs.

The detailed description of several Moldovan software companies can be found here. Below you can find the main companies’ specialization and contact details.

Software companies in Moldova:


1. Cedacri International IT Facility Management, Software and System Integration, Contact Center, Document Management, Back Office Services, BPO Tel.: + 373 22 855610


Data Management and Integration, API Frameworks and ERP Integration.

Tel.: +373 22 000452


Alfa Soft

Re-engineering of business processes, e-governance.

Tel.: +373 22 508532

4. BTS Pro Business Solution Software development, including document capture and management, oursourcing services.

Tel.: +373 22 870140

5. Infosafe Implementation of Synaspis suite of products (OCR and document management) and e-governement solutions (business process management).

Tel.: +373 79 404 037

6. FBS Group Development and implementation of business solutions for financial and banking sector, IT Infrastructure re-engineering.

Tel.: +373 22 837755

7. Ither Software Development Jawa based software development, maintenance.

Tel.: +373 22 996170

8. Soft Tehnica Software development, FREYA business solution for horeca and electronic shops, document management solution – AGORA.

Tel.: +373 78 300082

9. Ritlabs The Bat: high security mailing system.

Tel.: +373 60 808404

10. Noction Intelligent Routing Platform.

Tel.: +373 22 921920

11. SIMPALS  Animation, web-design, site development advanced.

Tel.: +373 22 888 000


12. DAAC SYSTEM INTEGRATOR Software solutions developer, technical service center and multi-service system integrator in the field of ICT.
Tel.: 022509709, 022509750
13. Tacit Knowledge Development and integration, stabilization and tuning, continuous deployment. Tel.: 79 254 555; 60 856 985


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