Aplica la concursul pentru Catalogul proiectelor investitionale si noi iti gasim partenerii!

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Gebauer & Griller

The company started to work on Moldova’s market with a fabrication capacity of 1.6 mil km of cable per year.

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The largest manufacturer of saunas in Europe is located in Moldova.

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Walnut can become an inexhaustible source of wealth for our country.

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A successfully developed business in the production of natural cheese.

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ACE Cabling

Fifty years experience in the production of electric cables for elevators, mobile stairs, medical utensils, domestic appliances.

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Moldovan manufacturers have been working for many years with renowned foreign brands – both fashionable and mass market brands.

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Text - Moldova's IT environment is proving a competitive alternative to "classic" destinations.

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Latest News

Inauguration of Moldova Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

May 4, 2015 224

The Pavilion of Moldova was inaugurated at Expo Milano 2015 on May 1st, 2015. "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is the core theme of this year`s edition of the largest and most important Universal Exhibitions taking place from May 1st to October 31st, which will showcase over 140 participating countries and organizations. The pavilions deployed in Expo Milano 2015 are covering an area of over 1.1mln sq.m. and are estimated to attract over 21mln visitors from all corners of the world.


German producer in search for Moldovan partner

April 30, 2015 133

A German-based producer of premium plush toys is seeking for a Moldovan textile manufacturer for establishing long-term business relations. On top of its distinguished corporate culture and distinctive background, the toys produced by this factory are standing out due to their highest quality, attention to detail and enviable reputation.


MIEPO web page awarded ”For Excellence in web-based promotion of green FDI”

April 27, 2015 62

Four investment promotion agencies (IPAs) have received top accolades for "excellence in web-based promotion of green foreign direct investment (FDI)" at the UNCTAD Investment Promotion Awards. The awards were presented on 20 April 2015 during the seventh session of UNCTAD's Investment, Enterprise and Development Commission.


MIEPO hires personnel for Moldova Pavilion at ”Expo Milano 2015”

April 23, 2015 257

MIEPO announces enrollment for the following positions within Moldova Pavilion (the Pavilion) at ”Expo Milano 2015”:
1. Pavilion Director (1 person)
2. Guide/Hostess (6 persons)
3. Technical & maintenance personnel: cleaning manager (3 persons)


MIEPO invites for a training on ”EU Market Developments and Certifications”

April 17, 2015 47

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through CBI and REG and AGROINVEST Projects of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) invite for a 2-days training in Kiev, Ukraine for producers, manufacturers, exporters of fresh/processed fruits and vegetables in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
The aim of the training is to facilitate growth in production and sales by better understanding of market needs and opportunities as well...


MIEPO invites exporters to a free seminar

April 9, 2015 124

MIEPO invites all interested exporters to join the seminar ”Ways of promoting business in internet in 2015”, presented by Pavel Zingan - author of a new, online PR concept, businessman and owner of, allmoldova, allfun, alllady, alltravel, zingantv, teamwork. The event will take place on April 9, in ”Generator Hub”, Kentford building (Ștefan cel Mare 202, block 2, 4th floor).
The seminar will cover the following subjects:
- Transition to a multi-channel promotion model...


MIEPO announces repeated public acquisitions for passenger air transportation services

March 10, 2015 55

MIEPO has published a repeated call for offers for passenger air transportation services in ”Buletinul achizițiilor publice” #17 of 06.03.2015 with the reference number 13-ac/15 CPV code 60420000-8. Services will be acquired based on a frame agreement.
All interested participants are kindly asked to contact, to request the respective Terms of Reference.


MIEPO launches call for investment projects

March 6, 2015 243

Moldova Investment and Export Promotion Organisation launches call for investment projects to be presented to foreign investors and external development partners within the roadmap of 2015. All selected investment projects will benefit of spotlighting and promotion during mapped trade missions, forums, national and international conferences, bilateral meetings, via online tools and other resources.


MIEPO presents 2015 roadmap

March 6, 2015 150

The presentation of the 2015 roadmap of MIEPO has taken place during the sitting of the Council for the implementation of the Export Promotion Program (March 3rd), chaired by the Deputy prime-minister, Minister of Economy, Stephane Bride.


How Moldova FITS Your Business?

Free Trade Agreements

Moldova has signed free trade agreements with more countries than any country in Europe. Wherever you want to go to market your products, West or East – you can do it tax free.


Moldova is in top 20 countries in the world for average Internet connection speed. 3G and 4G mobile networks cover over 96% of the populated territories.


Moldova also has the lowest tax burden in the region. The corporate tax is 12% and the cumulated social taxes’ rates, paid by the employer on the gross salaries, amount to 27%.


Moldova is ranked 1st in the group of countries of low-to-middle income bracket for creation of knowledge and education. Moldova ranked 45 of 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index ranking. And Most people know atleast three languages.

Potential Locations

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General Info

  • 33,846 sq. km total area
  • 2.9 mln people
  • Capital - Chișinău
  • Currency - Moldovan LEU
  • Internet usage: 48.8%


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments

Northern Area

  • 29.6% from total area
  • 28% population
  • 18.5% industry production
  • 58.2% agriculture production


  • Well developed agro-industrial potential
  • Major foreign investments
  • Various means of transportation
  • Growing service sector

Southern Area

  • 27.3% from total area
  • 19.6% population
  • 7.7% industry production
  • 25.6% agriculture production


  • Free International Port ,,Giurgiulesti’’
  • Water resources for irrigation
  • Deposits of sand, clay and bentonite
  • Rich tradition in wine production

Central Area

  • 32.7% from total area
  • 52.4% population
  • 73.8% industry production
  • 16.2% agriculture production


  • Human capital
  • Network of international routes
  • Capital of Moldova, Chisinau
  • Major foreign investments
  • Mineral deposits of construction materials

UTT Area

  • 13.5% from total area
  • 4.5% population (w/t UTT)
  • 3.4% industry production (w/t UTT)
  • 6% agriculture production (w/t UTT)


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments