Aplica la concursul pentru Catalogul proiectelor investitionale si noi iti gasim partenerii!

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Gebauer & Griller

The company started to work on Moldova’s market with a fabrication capacity of 1.6 mil km of cable per year.

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The largest manufacturer of saunas in Europe is located in Moldova.

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Walnut can become an inexhaustible source of wealth for our country.

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A successfully developed business in the production of natural cheese.

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ACE Cabling

Fifty years experience in the production of electric cables for elevators, mobile stairs, medical utensils, domestic appliances.

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Moldovan manufacturers have been working for many years with renowned foreign brands – both fashionable and mass market brands.

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Text - Moldova's IT environment is proving a competitive alternative to "classic" destinations.

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Latest News

MIEPO calls for applications

December 1, 2014 436

MIEPO has announced a public acquisitions tender for the following services:
- design and update of reports
- website maintenance
The call for quotations has been published in ”Buletinul achiziițiilor publice” #94 of 28.11.2014 and is open up to December 4th.


MIEPO held a media briefing

November 26, 2014 257

MIEPO has organized a media briefing on November 25th to share the progress of a project of major importance for the artistic and cultural heritage of Moldova - the production of the feature film „Joc. Energy of life” by the well-known contemporary artist Pavel Brăila.


MIEPO in a study visit to Poland

November 26, 2014 243

Between 16-21 November, MIEPO has been part of a study visit to Poland, organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions of Moldova and the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ). The main scope of the visit was the exchange of expertise and know how on subjects as: attraction of foreign direct investment, Industrial Parks and Free Economic Zones.


Moldova Business Week 2014

June 18, 2014 467

At the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, the Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization (MIEPO) organized “Moldova Business Week” that will take place during June 5-12. 


June 12: EU – Moldova International Investors’ Conference

May 22, 2014 1,536

The EU – Moldova International Investors’ Conference was organized on the occasion of the President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Durao Barroso’s visit to Chisinau on June 12 this year.

The Conference comprised comprehensive discussions on the Association Agreement and the DCFTA, the impact of the economic integration on the business and investment environment of the Republic of Moldova. 


June 10-11 - Vienna Economic Talks Chisinau 2014

May 22, 2014 1,575

The Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization (MIEPO) in partnership with Vienna Economic Forum (VEF)  organized the Viena Economic Talks Chisinau 2014, with the aim to promote the image of the Republic of Moldova abroad and to stimulate the attracting of foreign investments in the country.


World Expo Milano 2015 - The Concept of The Republic of Moldova's Participation

May 21, 2014 1,484

JUNE 6 -  Was dedicated to presenting the concept of The Republic of Moldova’s participation in the world expo milano 2015 and displaying republic of moldova’s pavilion layout. 

The concept of Republic of Moldova’s participation in the world expo Milan 2015 was presented in the conference room of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the layout out of the national pavilion will be uncovered to be exposed at this world level exhibition. 



June 5 – Moldovan Exporters’ Forum

May 21, 2014 1,496

The aim of the Export Forum was to establish an efficient public-private dialogue for the developing of the country’s export potential and facilitate foreign trade activities, as well as to converge the greatest exporters of the Republic of Moldova, relevant state institutions and business associations.  


How Moldova FITS Your Business?

Free Trade Agreements

Moldova has signed free trade agreements with more countries than any country in Europe. Wherever you want to go to market your products, West or East – you can do it tax free.


Moldova is in top 20 countries in the world for average Internet connection speed. 3G and 4G mobile networks cover over 96% of the populated territories.


Moldova also has the lowest tax burden in the region. The corporate tax is 12% and the cumulated social taxes’ rates, paid by the employer on the gross salaries, amount to 27%.


Moldova is ranked 1st in the group of countries of low-to-middle income bracket for creation of knowledge and education. Moldova ranked 45 of 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index ranking. And Most people know atleast three languages.

Potential Locations

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General Info

  • 33,846 sq. km total area
  • 2.9 mln people
  • Capital - Chișinău
  • Currency - Moldovan LEU
  • Internet usage: 48.8%


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments

Northern Area

  • 29.6% from total area
  • 28% population
  • 18.5% industry production
  • 58.2% agriculture production


  • Well developed agro-industrial potential
  • Major foreign investments
  • Various means of transportation
  • Growing service sector

Southern Area

  • 27.3% from total area
  • 19.6% population
  • 7.7% industry production
  • 25.6% agriculture production


  • Free International Port ,,Giurgiulesti’’
  • Water resources for irrigation
  • Deposits of sand, clay and bentonite
  • Rich tradition in wine production

Central Area

  • 32.7% from total area
  • 52.4% population
  • 73.8% industry production
  • 16.2% agriculture production


  • Human capital
  • Network of international routes
  • Capital of Moldova, Chisinau
  • Major foreign investments
  • Mineral deposits of construction materials

UTT Area

  • 13.5% from total area
  • 4.5% population (w/t UTT)
  • 3.4% industry production (w/t UTT)
  • 6% agriculture production (w/t UTT)


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments