Aplica la concursul pentru Catalogul proiectelor investitionale si noi iti gasim partenerii!

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Gebauer & Griller

The company started to work on Moldova’s market with a fabrication capacity of 1.6 mil km of cable per year.

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The largest manufacturer of saunas in Europe is located in Moldova.

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Walnut can become an inexhaustible source of wealth for our country.

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A successfully developed business in the production of natural cheese.

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ACE Cabling

Fifty years experience in the production of electric cables for elevators, mobile stairs, medical utensils, domestic appliances.

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Moldovan manufacturers have been working for many years with renowned foreign brands – both fashionable and mass market brands.

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Text - Moldova's IT environment is proving a competitive alternative to "classic" destinations.

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Latest News

People going to Milan can get free admission tickets to the World Expo Milano 2015

August 20, 2015 53

Do you plan a trip to Milan until October 31, 2015? Are you already there? If SO, then the Expo Milano 2015 organizers invite you to participate in a contest. With a little luck, but much enthusiasm in seeing a world-class exhibition, attended for the first time by our country, you can get two free admission tickets.


Presentation of the National Wine Day of Moldova at Expo Milano 2015

Iulie 22, 2015 298

The weekend of July 18-19 was marked at the Pavilion of Moldova @Expo-Milano 2015 by an event introducing the National Wine Day of Moldova, that, traditionally, occurs every beginning of October, in Chișinău. The event was hosted by representatives of ”Wine of Moldova” and of the Ministry of Agriculture of RM, and, other than the public, has included representatives of countries - partners in external commerce of Moldova.


Days of Moldovan fashion brands at Expo Milano 2015

Iulie 17, 2015 238

Following a full agenda in June, dedicated to business missions, workshops, meetings with representatives of our main partners in external commerce, July is rolling out with events designed for the promotion of the apparel and accessories industry of Moldova.
The city of Milano is fairly recognized as one of the main trend-setters in the fashion world, thus being an excellent platform for the presentation and promotion of our local textile industry within Expo-Milano 2015.


MIEPO participates in ”European Investment Plan” seminar

Iulie 9, 2015 53

Representatives of MIEPO are taking part today, July the 9th, in the investment seminar ”European Investment Plan”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. MIEPO experts will elaborate, during this event, on the investment attractiveness and the potential of the apparel and accessories sector of Moldova. Among invitees of the event are officials of the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg, representatives of the European Investment Bank, of the European...


MIEPO presenting during MCA Conference

Iulie 8, 2015 39

Dona Școla, the Director of MIEPO, is taking part in the Conference ”Transition to high value agriculture in RM: investment and export opportunities”, organized by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. In her speech, Dona Școla has elaborated on the investment climate of the country and on the opportunities for the agrifood producers, brought by the extension of export markets.


MIEPO has hosted the Bolivian business mission

Iulie 6, 2015 34

On July the 3rd, MIEPO has hosted a Bolivian business mission represented by the Head of the Consulate of Bolivia in Ukraine, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Santa Cruz region and the leaders of 2 large-scale companies of the agribusiness and confections sectors.


MIEPO in search for Office Manager

Iunie 30, 2015 155

Moldova Investment and Export Promotion Organisation (MIEPO), having its premises in Chișinău, Alexe Mateevici Str. 65, hereby announces an open call for the fulfillment of the full-time vacancy of Office Manager.
The Office Manager will be responsible for the management of all services related to the internal/external assistance of MIEPO personnel as well as for the administrative activities related to the functioning of the institution.
Main tasks and responsibilities:


MIEPO has presented the full set of Investment Incentives

Iunie 30, 2015 86

On June 25th, as part of the CBI ”Training for for Commercial Attaches & Investment Promoters” MIEPO has presented in the panel ”FDI and how to attract foreign investors, country experience” the full set of Investment Incentives, adopted at governmental level for all sectors of the national economy. These cover an extensive range of areas - from incentives for newly created jobs and up to stimulus for imported equipment registered in the statutory fund and are sought to be made aware to...


China Shipping Container Lines expands its services to Giurgiulești International Free Port

Iunie 25, 2015 215

On June 25th, Dona Școla, Director of MIEPO has been part of the signing ceremony between China Shipping Container Lines and Danube Logistics, the general investor and operator of Giurgiulesti International Free Port. The signed terminal service agreement enables China Shipping Container Lines to expand its global container shipping services to Moldova, the related decision being part of the Chinese Government initiative to revive the ancient Silk Road via its Silk Road Economic Belt and...


How Moldova FITS Your Business?

Free Trade Agreements

Moldova has signed free trade agreements with more countries than any country in Europe. Wherever you want to go to market your products, West or East – you can do it tax free.


Moldova is in top 20 countries in the world for average Internet connection speed. 3G and 4G mobile networks cover over 96% of the populated territories.


Moldova also has the lowest tax burden in the region. The corporate tax is 12% and the cumulated social taxes’ rates, paid by the employer on the gross salaries, amount to 27%.


Moldova is ranked 1st in the group of countries of low-to-middle income bracket for creation of knowledge and education. Moldova ranked 45 of 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index ranking. And Most people know atleast three languages.

Potential Locations

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General Info

  • 33,846 sq. km total area
  • 2.9 mln people
  • Capital - Chișinău
  • Currency - Moldovan LEU
  • Internet usage: 48.8%


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments

Northern Area

  • 29.6% from total area
  • 28% population
  • 18.5% industry production
  • 58.2% agriculture production


  • Well developed agro-industrial potential
  • Major foreign investments
  • Various means of transportation
  • Growing service sector

Southern Area

  • 27.3% from total area
  • 19.6% population
  • 7.7% industry production
  • 25.6% agriculture production


  • Free International Port ,,Giurgiulesti’’
  • Water resources for irrigation
  • Deposits of sand, clay and bentonite
  • Rich tradition in wine production

Central Area

  • 32.7% from total area
  • 52.4% population
  • 73.8% industry production
  • 16.2% agriculture production


  • Human capital
  • Network of international routes
  • Capital of Moldova, Chisinau
  • Major foreign investments
  • Mineral deposits of construction materials

UTT Area

  • 13.5% from total area
  • 4.5% population (w/t UTT)
  • 3.4% industry production (w/t UTT)
  • 6% agriculture production (w/t UTT)


  • Human capital
  • Investment support
  • Incentives for investors
  • Major foreign investments
Adresa: 65 Alexei Mateevici str., Chişinău,
Republica Moldova, MD-2009

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