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Main reasons to choose Moldova

ICT sector Moldova – a dynamically growing sector
The ICT industry has registered a rapid growth in the previous six years, with a volume of 7.7 mlrd lei in 2012 and with a significant contribution to the country’s GPD (8.9% in 2012). The export volume of software products has increased almost four times between 2007 and 2013.

Low operating costs and attractive incentives
The general cost of doing business in Moldova is very competitive due to the low administrative, rent and utility expenses. The corporate income tax is as low as 12%, while incentives for the IT sector exempt from most taxes on salaries above 680 USD.

Skilled and cost effective workforce
IT sector employs over 22.000 people, with an average monthly salary of 600 EUR (circa 13'400 MDL).

Strong university programs with specializations in IT and related sciences
Almost 18 educational institutions offer studies in IT related services. Yearly, 3.000 students graduate with a degree in computing and related fields. Another 8.500 have math or engineering degrees.

Excellent language skills
Languages are a great advantage. Moldova’s population speaks Romanian, Russian, English, German, French and other European and international languages.

Solid government support of the sector
The Moldovan Government has a strong agenda to ensure the continuous development of the ICT sector by creating necessary opportunities for the businesses and offer investment incentives to promote competitiveness, including at the international level.

Did you know?

1. Moldova is ranked 5th in the world for the lowest prices for fixed broadband

2. The Network readiness index increased by 20 positions: 77 /144 (2013)

3. ICT Development Index: 62 / 155 (2011)

4. Doing Business Rank: 78/189 (2014). Moldova is constantly improving its business climate having reached an increase of 30 positions during the last five years

5. Moldova has one of the best wired Internet connections in the world as well as one of the cheapest in terms of price per Mbit

6. Moldova offers special incentives for IT companies for the period 2012-2016 included

Republic of Moldova
Between EU and CSI
3.5 million people
GDP per capita at PPP
4,149 EUR
Corporate Tax
Average Labour Cost
220 EUR
Average Labour Cost in IT
600 EUR
Internet Penetration Rate
Optic Fiber Network Coverage
Mobile Penetration Rate

Distance Proximity

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