Main reasons to choose Moldova

Labor force
Labor costs are the lowest in the region and stand at around 0.075 EUR per-minute. This creates a competitive business environment for manufacturing and producing. Skilled and multilingual workforce (e.g. Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, etc.)

Proximity and easy access to major markets
Moldova’s trade is largely exports are largely liberalized to both the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Flexibility and short delivery time
Most major destinations both from the EU and CIS can be reached within 2 truck days. Orders are executed and delivered on average within 2 weeks, with no minimum order restrictions.

Long standing experience
Most of Moldovan apparel companies have been involved in Cut & Make (C&M) or Cut, Make & Trim (CMT) operations and have long-term experience in working with upscale European brands.

Moldovan manufacturers have been working for many years with renowned foreign brands – both fashionable and mass market brands

Companies from Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, and Great Britain source and produce here. And with a good reason: Moldova delivers fast, flexible and with highest quality levels.
Moldova’s location and skilled workforce make it an exceptional base for trade between East and West. The country has an open economy forming a bridge between the EU and the growing CIS markets. Over 600 companies, employing more than 26,000 people, are currently working within the vibrant and growing Moldovan textile, apparel, footwear and leather industry sector. Moldova currently exports over 80% of the goods manufactured in the sector proving manufacturers’ ability to supply quality and quantity as markets demands.
There is industry tradition stretching over decades, and an experienced labor force in apparel and footwear, textiles and carpets. More and more Moldovan manufacturers design and produce their own clothing lines, being an indicator of a successfully developing industry.

Goods that can be produced competitively in Moldova






Republic of Moldova
3.5 million people
GDP per capita at PPP
4,149 EUR
Doing Business 2015 Rank
63 (change ↑19)
Free Economic Zones
Free Port
Free Airport
Corporate Tax
12%, 6% in Free Economic Zones, 3% in Free Port
Average labour cost (gross salary)
220 EUR/month
Full load labour cost
cca 1,85 EUR/hour
Employment rate in Moldova

Distance Proximity

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