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Moldova has completive products to offer. This small country in Eastern Europe, with a surface of 33.8 thousands square kilometers and with 2.9 million inhabitants, has accumulated deep expertise and competitive advantage in several sectors.

Having secular traditions in agriculture and rich and fertile soils, Moldova can offer its extremely competitive and excellent wines, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, cereals and animal products.

One of the lowest costs of labor in Europe combined with highly developed technical skills of population, put Moldova in highly position in such labor intensive industries such light industry (production of clothes, footwear, furniture) and software development.

The presence of the developed technical skills, technical education and the Soviet time heritage, when Moldova was a center of excellence and R&D for military and heavy industry make Moldova a good place to source products and services in the field of electronics, machine building and metal processing.

Moldova has signed free trade agreements with more countries than any country in Europe, including the EU, CIS and CEFTA countries. This gives us a free trade access to the market of more than one billion consumers.

Our country has a Favorable geographical position at the crossroads of commercial routes and also the access to the sea transportation thought the country’s Giurgiulești port.

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