Main reasons to choose Moldova

The workforce is skilled and multilingual
Labor costs are the lowest in the region, creating a competitive business environment for both farming and food processing.

Proximity and easy access to major markets
Moldova’s exports are largely liberalized to both the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Most major destinations in these markets can be reached within 2 truck days.

A natural environment
Moldova’s nature is conducive to intensive agriculture, offering a stable basis of high-quality raw materials, both conventional and organic.

Large potential
Investors can tap an extensive agriculture tradition stretching over centuries and covering numerous sub-sectors.

Throughout its history Moldova has been renowned for its agricultural produce, thanks to its rich soil, biological diversity, and mild climate

Moldova has exceptional resources for agricultural production: black, fertile soil is ideal for cereal crops, fruits and vegetables; our countryside is suitable for organic products; and Moldova is a GMO free country. Agriculture and the process industry together account for approximately 17% of GDP, but there remains much untapped potential in Moldova’s agricultural sector. The entire agricultural land covers 75% of Moldova’s territory, the highest share in Europe. The production of crops accounts for 70% of the total production. The greatest potential for growth is in production of organic food, as well as in conventional crops: wheat, barley, corn, soy beans, etc. Moreover, Moldova is able to meet the fast growing international demand of nuts and honey.

A detailed overview of Moldova's agricultural sector can be downloaded here.

Goods that can be produced competitively in Moldova

Viticulture and Wine

Fruits and Vegetables


Walnut Growth and Sorting

Cereal Crops

Oleaginous plants

Organic Farming
Republic of Moldova
3.5 million people
GDP per capita at PPP
4,149 EUR
Doing Business 2015 Rank
63 (change ↑19)
Free Economic Zones
Corporate Tax
12%, 6% in Free Economic Zones, 3% in Free Port
Employment rate

Distance Proximity

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