ACE Cabling – electric cables ”made in Moldova”

The company ACE Cabling with foreign capital has been activating in the Republic of Moldova for 10 years. It was created in 2005 by the Italian company Assemblaggi Cablaggi Elettronici, in order to share its fifty years experience in the production of electric cables for elevators, mobile stairs, medical utensils, domestic appliances.

The founders of the company ACE Cabling with foreign capital are Donatella and Roberto Scarpa, who run a similar company A.C.E. Assemblaggi Cablaggi Elettronici in Italy. The Italian investors came to Moldova with the help of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Italy, that informed them about the investment possibilities from here, guided and encouraged them to invest in Moldova. The decision was made because they had to face competition in the conditions created by the global economic crisis that was becoming worse. Given the fact that not only the quality matters to any customer, but also the price, Donatella si Roberto Scarpa decided to look for business development opportunities abroad.

After a thorough analysis of the Moldovan market, the Italian entrepreneurs have chosen an industrial platform situated on the outskirts of Chisinau. They purchased a building with a surface of 2 thousand square meters, renovated it, brought new equipment from Italy and started the business. These investments amounted to more than 1 mln Euro.

The beginning was difficult as in most cases, but success came really fast. The company started its activity with four types of items and a monthly production of approximately 15 thousand units, but nowadays it sells more than 500 types of items, that amounts to more than 1 mln a year.  The manager of the company in Moldova, Lilian Granciuc, stated with confidence that: ”If you take your job seriously, then the result is also a good one.”

The number of employees also increased from eight people in 2005, to more than 60 at present. You don’t need a special degree in order to work at ACE Cabling. Training is done on the spot, and the activity requires attention, concentration and desire to work.

More than 70% of the electric cables produced by ACE Cabling are used for elevators and mobile stairs. The other 30% is used to produce medical utensils, domestic appliances, trains. The raw material is imported from European providers, and is processed in Moldova to meet the client’s requirements.  

The company receives the technical drawing form the client, that contains a detailed description of the chosen cables and based on it, the goods are produced. ACE Cabling produces cables for companies renown for making elevators, such as: Kone, Slimpa, Schindler, Otis, for the train producer Alstom and the producer of special construction machines – Terex. The representatives of these companies have been to Moldova more than once where they learned about the work process, and many of them did not expect such a well-managed production.

In 2008, ACE Cabling received the ISO:9001 certificate, which confirms that all the corresponding criteria are met in order to obtain qualitative products, so that the clients can trust the product that was made in Moldova. The administrator said that: ”This is an advantage for them, due to the fact that the results of our work is not bad at all regarding the quality of it, but the price is lower.”

Recently, ACE Cabling initiated collaboration with the world-wide known French company Alstom, a big producer of trains. Lilian Granciuc said with confidence that: ”We produce a few items for this company at the moment, but every one of them is very complex, therefore we must meet the requirements and standards set by our clients. We hope that this collaboration will continue and expand in the future.”


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