Draexlmaier – German seriousness and quality


Draexlmaier Automotive is probably the first company that comes to mind when talking about German investments in the economy of the Republic of Moldova. With an experience of over seven years on the Moldovan market as an investor, Draexlmaier proved itself as a solid investor, who promotes German reliability and quality in Moldova. Furthermore, the production and export volumes placed Draexlmaier among the largest Moldovan companies.

Draexlmaier Group is based in Germany and supplies famous manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi, Bugatti, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW modern wiring, exclusive interior elements and electrical and electronic components for on-board systems. The company is the main supplier to the premium segment of the automotive industry. Draexlmaier has about 50 plants worldwide, being one of the most known and appreciated businesses at the international level.

In the early 90's of last century, the company came in Romania, where it has gradually opened five factories, after which oriented towards Moldova as well. Currently Draexlmaier is the only major producer of auto parts which owns factories in Moldova and is one of the biggest foreign investors here who launched the business here in the recent years.

Draexlmaier came to explore investment opportunities of our country in 2007, and since then it has built two factories in Balti, it offered jobs to three thousand people, thus favoring the creation of another several thousand jobs in the ancillary sectors of raw material and services suppliers, it paved the way for other German investors in Moldova and aims to develop a long-term deal.

 The economic facilities of the Free Economic Zone ( FEZ ) in Balti led German investor to settle in the "northern capital " of the country. " The ease with which we can achieve all business processes in Balti for the automobile industry represents a huge advantage for our business. All restrictions on exports to the EU are missing when activating in the FEZ. The conditions here offer opportunities to work faster with our partners ," says the company manager , Guido Meinelt. When asked how easy or difficult it was to take the decision to make an investment in our country,  Meinelt Guido says "it was not more difficult to come to Moldova than to other countries."

 Draexlmaier Automotive production volume depends on the volume of sales. "If a class Premium car manufacturer increases its car sales, it means that our production volume increases," firmly says the company manager, who says that Moldovan goods of  Draexlmaier factories meet the highest quality and safety criteria. Both factories have about three thousand employees, with an average salary higher than the average in Moldova. Their  professionalism and knowledge meet the requirements of  the Draexlmaier Concern towards his employees worldwide.

Every person who comes to Draexlmaier is following a theoretical and practical training. Recently, the company has launched a project in cooperation with the vocational schools in the country, that train specialists according to the requirements of the German Concern and based on a curriculum developed by Draexlmaier and approved by the Minister.  The entire didactic and applicative activity is developed in the classrooms which were set up in the company.

 " We have invested a lot on the Moldovan market and therefore we want to stay here for a long period of time. You have motivated employees and good conditions for business development. Another advantage is the proximity to the European countries , "says Guido Meinelt, who believes that" the success of this business in Moldova is represented by the interested employees and an effective cooperation with the authorities."

The management of the Concern is closely monitoring the developments of the business in Moldova and appears to be satisfied by the quality of goods and by the business in general. And the effort does not remain unnoticed. In 2014, the company AXA Management Consulting, a leading market consulting company in the field of  "Human Resources " in Moldova placed the company Draexlmaier in the top 10 best companies worthy to work for.

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