Spamol - the largest manufacturer of saunas in Europe is located in Moldova


In 2000 the Belgian company Alpha Industries, a leader on the European market in the producing of IR saunas and cabins, decided to test the Moldovan investment market, looking for a destination for business expansion. After several months of activity undertaken with the intention to explore the land, the Belgian investor Koen Heeren decided that it was worthing developing this business in our country, and after two years he transferred here the entire production line from Belgium. Today, the company Spamol, created in Moldova by Alpha Industries, is the largest manufacturer of wellness products on the European market, with an annual production of about three thousand luxury class products, manufactured ​​to order.

The Spamol company, which represents in Moldova the Alpha Industries brand with a history of 30 years, is one of the oldest foreign investments on the Moldovan market. Launched 15 years ago, the business proved itself to be auspicious for both Belgian investor, who risked placing funds abroad, and Moldova, that benefited from the trust of a brand with international fame, that managed to build step by step a good reputation among other foreign companies.

In 1999-2000, the large production volume has led the Belgian company to seek new destinations, and the chance made ​​namely Moldova to be the country to which the Belgian investor turned finally his attention to.

The decision to remain in Moldova has been reinforced by the attitude of the employees towards their work. "The Belgians were shocked that people wanted to work even after the working hours. This enthusiasm of theirs and the seriousness to the work they had, encouraged the investors and determined him to stay in the country to invest and to achieve success. He thought then that all the effort and all the investment is worth it, if there are people who want to put their shoulder to it, " says Spamol CEO George Griţcu.

Initially, the investor decided to produce only IR cabins and saunas in Moldova. Being afraid of possible failures, he did not intend to bring here too many investments, so the production of solariums, which requires much more equipment, has been left in Belgium. Over one year, Spamol started manufacturing component parts for solariums, and after two years, the entire production process in Belgium was stopped and was transferred to Moldova entirely. Currently, the company office in Belgium deals only with the distribution of these products, which are sold not only to Europe but also to the US and China.

Over the years, the company has learned to meet the needs of the most discerning and demanding customers in the terms of wellness products. Therefore, today, the production of the Spamol company is found in the largest and most prestigious hotels and spa centers in Europe. Customer orders come straight to Moldova, where the primary drafts are developed, after which their the realization is starting.

The company has never disappointed its customer, who knows that the manufacturer is a Moldovan one. "We do not hide the fact that the production is made in Moldova. All our distributors know this. Periodically we organize "Dealer Days" when dealers from Europe come to Moldova and get acquainted with the manufacturing process", says the company director.

Spamol participates with confidence in the most prestigious specialized exhibitions in Europe and all over the world. "We compete on an equal terms with the largest enterprises in the field. Undoubtedly, in 2014 at the exhibition Interbad in Stuttgart (Germany) and at the exhibition Piscine Lyon (France) we had the most beautiful exhibition stands , "says George Griţcu, who adds that for three years consecutively the company Spamol was the best taxpayer in the Republic of Moldova.

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