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Gebauer & Griller

The company started to work on Moldova’s market with a fabrication capacity of 1.6 mil km of cable per year.

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The largest manufacturer of saunas in Europe is located in Moldova.

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Walnut can become an inexhaustible source of wealth for our country.

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A successfully developed business in the production of natural cheese.

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ACE Cabling

Fifty years experience in the production of electric cables for elevators, mobile stairs, medical utensils, domestic appliances.

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Moldovan manufacturers have been working for many years with renowned foreign brands – both fashionable and mass market brands.

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Text - Moldova's IT environment is proving a competitive alternative to "classic" destinations.

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Why Moldova fits your business?

How Moldova FITS Your Business?

Free Trade Agreements

Moldova has signed free trade agreements with more countries than any country in Europe. Wherever you want to go to market your products, West or East – you can do it tax free.


Moldova is in top 20 countries in the world for average Internet connection speed. 3G and 4G mobile networks cover over 96% of the populated territories.


Moldova also has the lowest tax burden in the region. The corporate tax is 12% and the cumulated social taxes’ rates, paid by the employer on the gross salaries, amount to 27%.


Moldova is ranked 1st in the group of countries of low-to-middle income bracket for creation of knowledge and education. Moldova ranked 45 of 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index ranking. And Most people know atleast three languages.

Geographical benefits

  • Favourable geographical position at the crossroads of commercial routes
  • Proximity to large world markets (European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • Platform for manufacturing and exporting both to CIS and to EU

Distance Proximity

Republic of Moldova is a member of the following key organizations:

CISCommonwealth of Independent States

Free Economic Zones

The following types of activities may be carried out in FEZ:

  • Industrial production of goods for export (apart from ethylic alcohol and alcohol products);
  • Sorting, packing, labelling and other similar operations for goods which transit through Moldovan customs territory;
  • Other auxiliary activities necessary for the basic activities above (e.g. utility services, warehousing, construction, catering etc.);
  • External commercial activity (i.e. wholesale of goods imported into FEZ outside Moldova and offered for export).

Other Benefits

Well-skilled multilingual workforce

Relatively low employment costs

Favourable visa regime

Improved legal framework regulating entrepreneurial activity

Improved legal framework regulating entrepreneurial activity

Starting a business – fast and easy to handle

Competitive general corporate income tax rate in the region – 12%

Tax and customs frameworksimilar to that of the EU

The Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization (MIEPO)

Is the prime source of information and assistance for potential investors. 
We provide tailored services for potential investors throughout the investment decision process. We also support existing investors in extending their operations.
Our team consists of permanent investment attraction staff, sectorial consultants, as well as regional officers.
Combining our experience, we are able to provide you with information relevant for your decision making, as well as links to businesses and government.